Installed Fiberglass Gurdwara Dome at Bhai Daya Singh Gurdwara – Ahmednagar

At Rana Handicrafts International, we take pride in being the leading manufacturers and exporters of premium Sikh Temple Domes / Gurudwara Sahib Gumbad in India since 1964. Here, we present another testament to our expertise—a comprehensive project that encompasses the entire journey, from the initial planning stages to the successful installation of a 12-foot diameter dome at Gurdwara Daya Singh in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

Our commitment was to create and install a 12-foot diameter dome and four outdoor side Palki Sahibs for the Gurdwara Sahib. While we initially projected a completion time of 3 months to the managing committee, unforeseen floods in Punjab extended the timeline to 4 months.

In the first 15 days, we designed and manufactured an insulated MS frame structure for the dome. The structure was primed and painted to withstand diverse weather conditions. Subsequently, we meticulously crafted a three-layered silicon fiber (approximately 4mm thick) shell for the dome, ensuring a refined finish over the following 6 weeks. The dome’s distinctive Khanda was also cast and fortified with an MS frame structure to endure strong winds. The shell was coated with primer and securely fixed onto the modular frame structure designed for the dome.

Upon combining the shell and the MS frame structure, the dome received its first layer of high-quality Golden Paint. This was followed by multiple layers of Golden Paint and a coating of premium Asian Paint lacquer, safeguarding the dome from UV damage for years to come. We recommend repainting Gurdwara Sahib Domes every 6 years to maintain their pristine condition.

Once the dome and outdoor side Palki Sahibs were prepared, they were safely transported to Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. On-site, a 120-foot crane provided by the managing committee was used to lift the dome and position it atop the platform on the roof. With the dome securely in place, our skilled technicians undertook the installation process, skillfully welding and bolting the frame structure to the base platform. After the successful installation of the 12-foot diameter dome and outdoor Palki Sahib, our team meticulously applied an additional coat of paint and lacquer to achieve the desired final finish.

As the installation concludes, it is fitting to highlight the significance of Gurdwara Sahib Ji by acknowledging the legacy of Bhai Daya Singh Ji. This revered figure in Sikh history, known for his unwavering commitment to service and compassion, continues to inspire through his teachings. Just as this newly installed dome adorns the Gurdwara, it stands as a testament to Bhai Daya Singh Ji’s enduring spirit, reflecting the core values of Sikhism—selflessness and unity.

Design and Structure:
The dome created for Gurdwara Daya Singh Ji is a masterpiece of architectural craftsmanship. The design process began with careful consideration of the Gurdwara’s aesthetics and spiritual significance. The dome’s dimensions—12 feet in diameter—were chosen to harmonize with the Gurdwara’s surroundings and to provide a grand and awe-inspiring focal point.

The dome’s structural integrity was paramount. An insulated MS (Mild Steel) frame structure was meticulously designed to provide a strong foundation for the dome. This frame ensures the dome’s stability, durability, and ability to withstand environmental factors such as wind and weather.

Material and Construction:
The dome’s outer shell was meticulously constructed using a three-layered silicon fiber (fiberglass) composite. This composite material not only offers exceptional strength but also allows for intricate detailing and fine finishes. The thickness of the fiberglass layers, approximately 4mm, was chosen to strike a balance between sturdiness and weight.

The topmost feature of the dome, the Khanda—a symbol of Sikh faith—was also a focus of attention. It was cast with precision and reinforced with an additional MS frame structure to ensure its resilience against strong winds and other external forces.

Protection and Finish:
The dome’s longevity and appearance were safeguarded through a comprehensive finishing process. The dome’s exterior underwent a meticulous priming and painting procedure to provide protection against diverse weather conditions. Several layers of high-quality Golden Paint were meticulously applied, creating a regal and radiant appearance that pays homage to Sikh tradition and spirituality.

To shield the dome from the sun’s harmful UV rays and other environmental factors, a final coating of premium Asian Paint lacquer was applied. This lacquer not only enhances the dome’s luster but also ensures that it remains a beacon of beauty for years to come.

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Installation of 12 Foot Dia Gurdwara Sahib Dome at Bhai Daya Singh Gurdwara (Ahmednagar)

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