Colours for the Domes, Palki Sahib and Darshani Deori

We at Rana Handicrafts International use 2K PU Colours on all our creations. These colours are safe for children, very durable and gives the finest finish to the Domes and Palki Sahib. Paints used by us releases negligible amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so it is very safe and conforms to international safety standards. It also helps us accomplish Domes and/or Palki Sahib paint job twice fast compared to conventional PU. The superior film hardness on top of any of our creations makes the paint job very durable and resistant to all weather.

Our paints are also superior hot water resistance and very easy to clean. Following are some of the most commonly used colours and colour combinations that are ideal for Domes (Gumbad), Palki Sahib, Pillars (Columns), Ik-Onkar Signage, Khanda and Darshani Deori Sahib.

Sone of our clients get confused while selecting colours for the Gurdwara Sahib Domes. Just to ease your selection process please see the colour samples below:

Commonly used colours on Gurdwara Sahib Domes/Palki Sahib:

  • Ivory White
  • Marble Shade
  • Golden (in various shades of 18ct, 22ct, 24ct)
  • 24ct Gold Leaf Work (if you are really looking for the best possible option available in the market)
Dome Colour Shades
Dome Colour Shades

Golden Domes
Golden Shades of Dome



We make beautiful murals and wall hangings to best match your requirements. You can order a custom mural for yourself and our artists will compose a realistic looking mural to address your requirements.

Fiberglass Dustbins

We have created and exported thousands of dustbins for public and private companies, individuals, social organizations in India and Overseas. Some of our hottest selling dustbins are presented below:

Birds Sculptures

Birds Sculptures

During the past five decades we have created and exported thousands of fiberglass based birds to Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and USA. Birds like Crane, Ducks, Crows, Penguins, Sea Birds, Ostrich etc. These birds sculptures are durable and comes with warranty.

Some of the pictures of birds are presented below, however you can ask for more images.

Artistic Miscellaneous Sculptures

We manufacture, supply and export all types of artistically crafted statues, murals and sculptures made up of finest fiberglass to around the globe. Over the past 5 decades we have made countless sculptures and some of our creations are showed below. Some of the sculptures are as tall as 60 feet and we are ready to accept any type of custom order.

All our statues and murals are guaranteed to conform to highest quality.

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