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Balwant Singh Ji, Owner Rana Handicrafts International receiving award from the Chief Minister of Punjab, Honble’ Parakh Singh Badal.

Rana Handicrafts International is a company of Sculpturists and was established four decades ago by S. Balwant Singh Rana. With an experience of over 52 years in this industry, he has won many national level awards in making high quality, life-like sculptures. Today, Rana Handicrafts International has grown from strength to strength by recruiting talented artists and helpers to shape your ideas.

Many of our sculptures have already acclaimed national and international recognition. Rana Handicrafts International (RHI) specializes in, Gurdwara Gumbad, Pillars, Historical Sculptures, Wall Murals, Statues, Garden Sculptures, Show Items, Realistic and Abstract Sculptures, Fancy Waterfalls, Exteriors and Painting. As per the requirement of our client we can develop sculptures using Fiber Silica, Metal and/or Stones.

We specialize in developing customized sculptures, however, you can also order from our large inventory. We can bring your ideas alive with life-like sculptures. In this website, we try to give you a collage of pictures of our work, from where you can choose your requirement and we shall send you a detailed documentation on that particular sculpture. You can also put forward your requirement for the development of a customized sculpture(s), our designers will work with you to make your idea a reality.

Balwant Singh Ji, receiving award from Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Honble’ Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Following are some of the prominent works done by us over the past many years in this field

  1. Brass statue of BABU PRABODH CHANDRA Ex.MP from Gurdaspur (Punjab) (12’ 0” high)
  2. Statue of Banda Bahadur at Gurdaspur (12’ 0”high)
  3. Burst of uncle of S. Parkash Singh Badal at Doraha Engg. College Distt.Ludhiana (Life size)
  4. Eagle in action at Gurdaspur, Ferozpur, Village Gajanwala Distt.Moga (20’ 0”)
  5. Sculpture of Baba Mohinder Singh of Sant Rarewala Parampra at Zarg Distt. Ludhiana
  6. Statue of NIHANG SINGH at Punjab Bhawan, New Delhi (12’ 0”high)
  7. Relief-work of “SANJAH CHULLAH” at Punjab Pavilion, New Delhi (4’ X 24’0”)
  8. Relief-work of Punjabi Dulhan in Dolli for Punjab Pavilion in Pragati Maidaan for Pb.Govt. (4” x 5’0”)
  9. seva-chakra-award-for-best-service-in-india
    Seva Chakar Puraskar Awarded to Balwant Singh Ji, Rana Handicrafts for the outstanding contribution towards the progress of India.

    Mythology Rath with 4-horses, Lord Krishna explaining GITA to Arjuna in the battle of MAHABHARATA, at TAU DEVI LAL PARK at Sonipat (Haryana) with additional sculptures purchased by Govt. of Haryana as follow:
    a) – Village scene of group of ladies of Haryana taking water from village well
    b) – Life size CHOPPAL with buffalo and a dog

  10. 14’0” tall sculpture of Sher Shah Suri fighting with 12’0” long Lion at the entrance of Panipat entering from Delhi side.
  11. 2 pieces of Siberian cranes at Panipat.
  12. Sculpture of a watchman for Marah Gaon Restaurant at Rai of a Bus Stand on GT Road, for Govt. of Haryana.
  13. 50 sculptures of various types, kinds and magnitudes of animals, human beings, reptiles and horrors.
    Life size of:
    a) –  Eagle
    b) –  Lion
    c) – Tiger etc. for the entertainment of visitors at Tikkar-Taal near Morni Hills Haryana.

Historical Sculptures

Awards and Recognition of Fiberglass works by various govt. organizations and national newspapers
  1. Foundation laying ceremony of Sri Harimandir Sahib at Amritsar by Sufi Saint Hazrat Mian Meer,Guru Ram Das Jee, Baba Budha Jee, with a mason for display in a Gurudawara in Malesiya, through late Baba Nahar Singh follower of Sant Kaleranwaley. This is life size Sculpture combination.
  2. A battle scene of a war between Guru Gobind Singh Jee, and the Muslim invaders; where Bhai Kanhaiya is serving water to every soldier of both sides in the service of God.
  3. About 20 sculptures of life size of:a) – Baba Garza Singh, Bota Singh in two scenes.
    b) – Fighting with Muslim soldiers installed in Gurudawara in an area at Tarn Taaran on Chabhal Road Amritsar (Punjab)
  4. 8’0” high sculptures of Sukha Singh & Mehtab Singh with their horses; taking away the beheaded head of Massa Rangar, a Muslim Governor. This is he who captured the Golden Temple-Amritsar for disgrace. These sculptures are installed at Budha Johar in Rajasthan the birthplace of these braves.
  5. 8’0” high sculpture of Baba Deep Singh Jee a Sikh warrior, installed at Budha Johar in Rajasthan.

Miscellaneous Sculptures

Import and Export Licence of Rana Handicrafts International
  1. 8-pieces of assorted sculptures were sent to Canada, which are installed near Vancouver.
  2. 6-pieces of life-sizes of Alexander the great are installed at 8 Hotel Maharaja Palace at Hoshiarpur (Punjab).
  3. Life size sculpture of a bale dancer installed at Baddi, Industrial Area in Himachal Pradesh.
  4. 80’0” high artificial “Mango-Tree” with three hanging rooms for Drawing Dining, Kitchen & Toilet in the shape of weaver’s nest. The tree has 25,000 leaves, 500 mango fruit. This is a part and parcel of Nidhi Garden, of M/s Ajay Enterprises at Barka-Muscat in Sultanate of Oman.
  5. Different sizes & types of sculptures of immigrated birds for BBMB at Pong Dam.
  6. Following sculptures were sent for West Germany:
    a)  – 8’0” sculpture for Lord Ganesha,
    b) – 8’0” sculpture for Gautama Buddha
    c) – Life size sculpture of Punjabi ladies as follow:
    – – – 2-girls sitting alongside the village well, Taking water in pitchers.
    – – – 2-girls taking water pitchers on their heads.
  7. Following sculptures were sent to CANADA:
    a) – Life size lady lying to hold 20mm thick glass of 4’0”X8’0” to make a dining table with small babies holding this glass from other side as legs of table.
    b) – Standing Gautama Buddha.
    c) – Darshani Deori
    d) – 3 life size babies standing around wooden log
    e) – Water tank for fountain.
  8. We also explored this material for BUILDING TECHNOLOGY as follow:
    a) – Darshani Deori for Gurudawara at Manikaran Sahib in Himachal Pradesh.
    b) – Darshani Deori for Gurudawara Nabh-Kamal at Guna Chour near Banga in Punjab.
    c) – Various sizes of Gumbads (Domes | Gumbad) with radius:
    – – –  20’0”, 12’0”,  6’0”, 4’0”, 3’0”, 2’0”,  18”, 12”6″
    – – –  Palkies,  Columns,  Headers, Wall Panels etc. for religious Buildings.
  9. Other Sikh Historical statues of various sacrifices…

International Delivery 

We supply all our products (like domes, palki sahib, sculptures and other structures) to all parts of the globe very safely. We pack our products very securely. However, if any of our products are damaged in transit, we are not held accountable for that. We will not accept any responsibility for any breakage while opening the packing also.

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